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Voted #1 BBQ in State College
State College Magazine 2020
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BBQ by the real CLEM is back!

It isn't always easy trying to find Clem. Some say he is like wack-a-mole BBQ - you never know where he's going to be next!?  As locations may change one thing that has stayed the same is his product. As it always was, BBQ by Clem starts with a wood fire and ends with his famous sauce over tender, fall-off-the-bone meat.


We couldn't be happier to be part of bringing BBQ by Clem to you! Find Clem on Wheels in various locations in Centre County and surrounding areas in his yellow food truck!  


  • Axemann Brewery, Bellefonte
  • Jackass Brewery, Lewisburg
  • Big Spring Spirits, Bellefonte
Every Thursday: At old gas station in Bellefonte passed Triangle, next to JRS landscaping 1090 Zion Road 
Check out Facebook for our rotating roadside schedule 
Typical Locations include:
  • Centre Hall at Rt45 & 144 intersection at Old Fort
  • Conklin's Corner, Philipsburg
  • JL Farm and Cidery, Shingletown
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